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Orchard Toys.

Orchard Toys and Puzzles.

Orchard Toys are made with appealing artwork, innovative design and educational insight. The company have been a specialist in toy making for more than 30 years and have built a reputation for producing appealing award-winning games, jigsaws and activities of the highest quality for children from 18 months to 10 years old.
Orchard Toys products are made in Britain from durable recycled board and have a wipe-clean finish so they offer years of enjoyment and great value for money. So Orchard Toys are also environmental friendly
Our range is developed, designed and illustrated with care by our in-house team, then rigorously tested in playgroups, schools and at home by teachers and parents. This ensures that our innovative games and puzzles continue to stimulate young minds and make learning fun!

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The production.

All our products are made using thick, durable recycled board, are rigorously tested and conform to European safety standards. Our extensive range of award-winning games, jigsaws and activities has been designed with care to make learning fun! Play is beneficial in assisting every child’s development. Our products help to stimulate young imaginations, promote social and verbal interaction and encourage literacy, numeracy and hand-eye co-ordination skills. Orchard Toys products are great value for money and make wonderful gifts that offer years of enjoyment.

The range of products.

Tiberius the Mouse

Tiberius the fearless, fun-loving mouse and his special friends have many adventures in this series of award-winning gentle stories which will appeal to both children and adults alike.


Our range of activities has been carefully designed to develop children's manipulative skills. By tracing, colouring and drawing, children can be encouraged to use and control a pencil and gradually improve their dexterity.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Our range of puzzles is made from thick, durable recycled board and offer bold, colourful illustrations designed to stimulate the imagination. From simple, chunky jigsaws to develop hand-eye co-ordination at 18 months, to more detailed, challenging puzzles for nine year olds, there is something to suit every child.
Many of our jigsaws feature exciting talkabout guides to extend the play value of the puzzle through parent-child interaction.


These stimulating and fun games help children learn to share, communicate and play together. Simple but challenging, they incorporate counting, colour recognition and number awareness, but the main emphasis is on FUN!




Orchard Toys