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Childrens brands.

Description of childrens brands.

Here we have collected a number of childrens clothing brands for you convenience to have the information about the individual clothing brand. We have not only included the brands that we have in our selection but also included other brands in order to have an overview over all the different children and baby clothing there is on the market. We are working on adding as many as possible of the different brands and we are currently only adding the brands offered on the british market.

Bedlam – Children’s clothing.

Bedlam is a brand sold by Stardust Company who has specialised in “Punk baby and kids clothes” but also sells clothing for kids, juniors and parents. The range of clothes spans from rock baby T-shirts, pyjamas, maternity wear to children’s guitars. The big variety of products also means that customers can get unique products from Stardust, and all the clothes from Stardust is really special and is inspired by the 70’s and 80’s.


Emile et Rose – Quality clothing for baby.

Emile et Rose produces an en exclusive range of quality baby wear for girls, boys or unisex, specially designed for infants up to 12 months but some designs is available up to 24 months. The baby wear range from Emile et Rose is one of the UK’s the best selling brand of designer baby wear. The collection of gift clothing for newborn babies was launched with the Autumn/Winter 2002 collection. The gift items offered in this collection are handed over with gift tags, toys, tissues, presentation boxes and gift hangers. These affordable products are mainly targeted at the newborn baby gift market. They could be presented at such occasions as christening and naming ceremonies.


Okker Gokker – Unique children’s clothing.

You can be sure to get some of the best Danish children’s clothing on the market when buying Okker Gokker children’s clothes, as the quality and style is one of the best. You will get clothes which both you and your children will love wearing with these really lovely clothes from Okker Gokker Okker Gokker is children’s clothing where the focus is on the functionality for the active children, combined with a unique design, and produced of really quality products, which ensures that you (and your child) will remain happy with this Okker Gokker clothes in a really looooooooong time.


Tea Collection for kids.

There is no better name for the brand than Tea. Tea, the drink, is shared in nearly every culture around the world—offering inspiration, warmth and mindfulness. In the same spirit, we offer children’s fashions with the tagline “for little citizens of the world,” celebrating the beauty found in cultures around the world. We design beautiful lifestyle collections that introduce a subtle, but important global perspective: colours, textiles, or silhouettes that are undeniably beautiful. In that beauty, we can all find a common ground of respect, awe and inspiration. Each season, our design team travels to a new global region to find inspiration for our Collection. They have brought us colours, textiles, and influences from regions throughout the globe including the Mediterranean, Peru, and Tibet.


Organic childrens clothes for your baby.

At Organics for Kids we use the finest organic textiles. Our cotton and linen are free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers, and the farmers who grow them receive a fair price for their crop. And because non-organic cotton is responsible for a quarter of global insecticide use each year, we believe that going organic makes a real difference. As well as the environment and the farmers, we pay great attention to the finished product and offer you a range that is beautiful to look at, comfortable to wear and practical to care for. Our clothes are designed and made in England and India. The use of pesticides on non-organic cotton has serious health implications. The World Health Organisation estimates that 20,000 people die each year as a result of unsafe pesticide use, mainly in developing countries. As well as the human costs, there are environmental problems associated with non-organic cotton growing, such as reduced soil fertility, loss of biodiversity and water pollution. Organic farming methods can help to address these problems. There is clearly a need to consider options such as organic growing methods. Of course, change takes time and involves an element of risk. However, given the right support, the potential benefits for the environment, the farmers and their families, can be considerable.




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