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Tea Collection - Childrens clothing.

Tea Collection

Tea Collection for kids.

There is no better name for the brand than Tea. Tea, the drink, is shared in nearly every culture around the world—offering inspiration, warmth and mindfulness. In the same spirit, we offer children’s fashions with the tagline “for little citizens of the world,” celebrating the beauty found in cultures around the world. We design beautiful lifestyle collections that introduce a subtle, but important global perspective: colours, textiles, or silhouettes that are undeniably beautiful. In that beauty, we can all find a common ground of respect, awe and inspiration. Each season, our design team travels to a new global region to find inspiration for our Collection. They have brought us colours, textiles, and influences from regions throughout the globe including the Mediterranean, Peru, and Tibet.

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Tea Collection – The start.

Tea started in 2002 in San Francisco by the founders Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon. The collection of clothes consisted of three pima cotton sweaters. Now, we offer two full assortments, Tea Collection and Daily Tea, available in more than 500 stores including Bloomingdale’s, Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Takashimaya, and the best boutiques throughout the US and abroad. While we are most known for our globally inspired apparel, we also offer Tea branded lifestyle products including bedding, music, and gifts.
Before we sold our first sweater, we had our inspiration: for little citizens of the world. We want to bring the beauty found in cultures around the world into the lives and homes of families in our own backyard. We believe that if the foreign is familiar – it is no longer foreign. It helps us remember that we all more alike than we are different.


We envision with a sense of art, approaching the process of our work organically—moved by the distinctive beauty of a global source towards the creation of an inspired, original interpretation.


Tea is guided by an awe and respect for the beauty found in cultures around the world. We are drawn to the unexpected ways in which beauty inhabits a culture—its colours, shapes, sounds and movements, from raw to refined.


Tea is always approachable and inviting. We measure everything we do against our goal to reflect warmth and a generosity of spirit in our products, actions and interactions.


We approach our work with humility and purpose, authenticity and creativity. We offer products that are real—combining distinctive style with ease of use, accessibility with business objectives, and meaningful intent with enduring quality. We educate through awareness and inspire social responsibility through our genuine concern for the world.

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The history of Tea Collection.

If you could experience the warmth of Emily’s home, you would understand that Tea was inevitable. She has an eye for fusing her love of mid-century design with her affection for art and decorative pieces from her world travels in Asia and Africa.

Emily and her husband bring so many worlds together—he spent his childhood years in Taipei speaking Mandarin with his family; she grew up in Texas, influenced by her mother who speaks fluent French and Spanish and who encouraged her daughters to explore the world. They both did—Emily’s sister now lives in Belgium with her husband and their two children.

While creating a home for her own family, Emily knew that she couldn’t decorate a nursery in the traditional décor prominent in America at the time. She also knew that she wanted to send her niece in Brussels a gift that reflected the importance and inspiration of her global heritage. At that moment, she realized the children in her family would be citizens of the world.

I was inspired by Emily’s vision for Tea and her desire to bring the tastes, textures and patterns of the world into the home. I saw how making the foreign familiar could help broaden a family’s horizons and make the world a more accessible and beautiful place.

In early 2002, I worked with Emily and Shelly Walsh, our merchant visionary and co-founder, to see how we could bring Tea to life. A few months later, we started with three sweaters, three blankets, a whole lot of determination and a vision.

We are thrilled that five years later, Tea is available in hundreds of retailers around the country as well as overseas. We have two labels: our signature, globally-inspired Collection and our new mix and match play clothes called Daily Tea. Stores have embraced Tea and are introducing new moms, dads and grandparents to our full collection that brings a little bit of the world into their children’s lives. We have been honoured to hear from the parents - well read, well-travelled and completely committed to raising good citizens of the world.

Each season, Emily identifies a new place for inspiration and introduces prints and patterns that reflect that culture. We believe that in some little way, we can help children see that we are all citizens of this world.

Established: Year 2002
Country of origin: USA.
Owners / Founders: Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon.
Sold in countries: USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom.
Style: American - international.
Range: Baby 0-2 years:
Body, caps, socks, T-shirts, gloves, underwear, pants, trousers, dresses, skirts, jumpers, cardigans, blouses.

Girls & boys 2-12 years:
Underwear, T-shirt, tights, dresses, skirts, sweatshirt, trousers, wellies, coats, jackets, tops, jumpers, jeans, cardigans, blouses, swim wear.




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