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Lego - Quality children's clothing.


LEGO clothes for your children.

The word LEGO is derived from the 2 danish words "leg godt" which means "Play well". It all started with the bricks in 1932 and later came themeparks and clothing for kids. Lego clothes is contemporary fashion in high quality. Functional children's wear, developed to meet the child's needs for comfort, and the parents' demands for flexibility, durability and safety. Lego clothes is a complete children's wear range for active boys and girls 0-12 years. The collections are designed according to the development of the child at different ages. Baby (0-1 year) Toddler (1-4 years) Kids (4-12 years) The Lego clothes collections cover 4 selling seasons with 8 annual deliveries. Campaign products and special articles are offered from time to time. A core basic collection is available throughout the year.

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Sweet summer girls and cool summer boys.

The Spring Summer collection from Lego clothes brings exciting collections for boys and girls. The colours are fresh and the clothes are filled with cool, hot and romantic details. The collection for the girls has been divided into two different themes, both based on the popular Clikits theme. One collection is inspired by the cowgirl universe, where the cool meets the cute, with plenty of room for both jeans and cute dresses. Metal studs and flowers. The colours are raspberry/turquoise and pink/green in combinations with dark brown. The other girl’s theme is significant in flowers and dragonflies. Pastel shades are dominant, and the design holds both broderie anglaise and cute drop needle patterns. This collection also offers flowing dresses and skirts with lots of feminine details as well as girlish tops and denim shorts. For the boys there are also two themes. A casual collection with Lego Exo-Force graphics and a sporty collection with images from the BIONICLE universe. The Lego Exo-Force collection means army green shades in combination with orange, and brown in combination with turquoise. In the collection you will find cool jeans with thigh pockets, jeans that can be turned into Bermuda shorts, or what about a hot all-over printed cardigan, t-shirts and striped shirts, tops that all look great with a pair of raw and tough jeans. All in all a casual collection significant in the ‘worn canvas look’ and thick pocket jeans. The sporty BIONICLE collection has two colour directions; one combining navy, red and light blue the other combining brown and acid yellow. The collection has styles such as soft fold-up trousers and white and blue striped Bermudas with cool overall prints. The many exciting details and the new way of using stripes make this collection light and sporty.

Lego clothes product highlights.

The Lego brand means commitment. Children and their parents expect the best from us – and we will not disappoint them. Lego clothes is Contemporary Fashion in High Quality


Lego clothes is fun. Lego clothes means clothes with fun images from the LEGO® universe. Lego clothes is designed in fashionable colours and has little features that makes the clothes more fun for the child.


Dressing and undressing is made easy with Lego clothes – for children and parents. Hook buttons on trousers and zipper straps - just to mention a couple of the details that make dressing so much more easy. Adjustable waistbands in trousers and jeans make Lego clothes fit - always!


Lego clothes means quality without compromising. The clothes must withstand everyday-use just as shape and colours must be the same, wash after wash. Lego clothes is made of high quality fabric and material.


Lego clothes fits, enabling the child to move freely in all play situations. Only soft and nice-to-wear fabrics are used. In Lego clothes you will never find skin irritating labels, just as nickel-free buttons and zippers are always used.


Parents should feel safe about the products their children get in contact with. When you buy Lego clothes product you can feel safe; every single product has been tested to the last detail. We care as much about children as their parents do!


KABOOKI only wishes to cooperate with suppliers guaranteeing good working conditions for its employees and showing consciousness about environmental issues. At KABOOKI we are well aware that chemicals may cause various unwanted reactions. That is why we have very high demands regarding the use of chemicals, in fact our demands are so high, that EU standards are always met and often we do a lot better!

Established: Year 1932
Country of origin: Denmark.
Founder: Ole Kirk Kristiansen.
Sold in countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
Style: Contemporary fashion.
Range: Baby & Toddler 0-1 years:
Bodys, socks, T-shirts, underwear, pants, shirts, dresses, blouses, cardigans, shorts, skirts, romper suits, jackets, coats, ski suits, hats, gloves.

Girls & boys 1-12 years:
Underwear, T-shirt, tights, dresses, skirts, sweatshirt, trousers, shirts, cardigans, blouses, jumpers, wellies, coats, jackets, ski pants, anoraks.




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