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Holly’s children's clothing.

Holly's is a nostalgic Danish design. The Holly's brand was born in 2002 and has grown steadily ever since. The four-leaf clover is an icon from the seventies, which we have given new life, new colours and a new design. Holly started as baby wear with baby grows and underwear for babies, now it also includes styles for junior and mum.
New designs and accessories arise from Holly’s fantasy every season. The fantasy is fuelled by continuous travel, because Holly loves to travel and is often off on new adventure. On her way Holly meets new people and impressions – all experiences which inspires Holly’s world.

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Holly’s styles.

Holly’s is basic styles and simple design inside out. Holly loves colours and most styles are available in six colours: red, green, lilac, brown, baby blue and baby pink. The four-leaf clover is Holly’s trademark and symbol for happiness.
Holly is a picky and only wants the best. That is why all designs are 100% mercerised cotton – soft for baby, junior and mum. Holly continuously develops the collection and designs other things, which Holly and her friends love – so keep an eye out for the four-leaf clover!

Holly is learning new things every day and has already experienced a lot in life. With curiosity Holly explores the World and adds new adventures to the list. Holly loves colours – right now lilac is THE favourite colour. Holly also loves food and takes a lively interest in the dimensions of the room; how a plate can fly off the table all by itself! Holly loves teddies and mommy at bathing and hugging time with the thick soft towel. All in all; Holly loves the simple things in life!

History and future.

Holly was born under a lucky 4-leaf clover one and a half years ago. Now she has learned to walk and does this well. Holly’s Baby is baby grows and nightwear aimed at children from 0-2 years of age. The collection consists of different baby grows with or without legs, a baby vest, pants, a nighty, a bonnet and a pyjamas. Holly is a well-known brand from the 1970’s re-launched in a new and better version – just in line with the comeback of “retro”.

Holly’s Baby is already on its way out in The World; right now England, Belgium and Japan are enjoying the range. We will of course let you know when Holly is off on new adventures.

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Range of clothing.

Holly’s Baby exists in pale blue, baby pink and now two more colours have been added: red and green. Holly’s Baby is basic clothes in a functional cut, you can “mix and match” as you like. The material is 100% cotton – soft for baby and soft for you.

  • Holly’s Baby range is now available in dark lilac in all models – 6 different colours.
  • Holly expands the 4-leaf clover range for the 2-8 year olds with underwear; tank top + pants for girls and tank top + tights for boys – 3 different colours.
  • Not to forget Mum; tank top + pants + t shirt - 6 different colours.
  • The material is 100% cotton as always – soft for baby, boy, girl and mum.
  • Towelling range of 5 different teddies, bib, 2 different towels, facecloth and toilet bag – all in coloured towelling with a white 4-leaf clover – 4 different colours.
  • Service in white melamine with the 4-leaf clover print. The range includes a plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.

Established: Year 2002
Country of origin: Denmark.
Owners / Founders: Normann Copenhagen.
Sold in countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Japan.
Style: Scandinavian – Danish design, Contemporary.
Girls & boys
Baby 0-2 years:
Body, caps, cardigan, shorts, tights, pants, rumpersuit, t-shirt, underpants.

Junior 2-12 years:
Tanktop, underpants, T-shirt, tights, night dress, sweatshirt, pants, jumpsuit, skirt, vest, sweat pants,




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