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Emile et Rose.

Emile et Rose

Emile et Rose Quality clothing for baby.

Emile et Rose produces an en exclusive range of quality baby wear for girls, boys or unisex, specially designed for infants up to 12 months but some designs is available up to 24 months. The baby wear range from Emile et Rose is one of the UKs the best selling brand of designer baby wear. The collection of gift clothing for newborn babies was launched with the Autumn/Winter 2002 collection. The gift items offered in this collection are handed over with gift tags, toys, tissues, presentation boxes and gift hangers. These affordable products are mainly targeted at the newborn baby gift market. They could be presented at such occasions as christening and naming ceremonies.

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Emile et Rose development.

For Emile et Rose the sales have exceeded all their expectations and feedback from all stockists has been very positive. The range for the clothes is aimed at the traditional 'new baby' gift market and deliveries of garments to shops will be supported with free wooden hangers, gift tags, toys, presentation boxes and tissue. Sensibly priced and superbly made, Emile et Rose garments offer both exclusivity and excellent value for money. Most of the garments have bootees, socks or a hat included in the price. Emile et Rose concentrate on making the cut of the garment absolutely perfect in every detail. At the factory, the pattern cutter has years of experience in pattern making for young babies and because of that they don't make ranges for older children, they concentrate exclusively on this specialist type of product. The designs all feature traditional elements, with lots of tiny pleating, gathering and pin tucks and will appeal particularly to those who want to give a special gift. Whilst the designs and colours are very traditional, each of the garments is also very practical. Emile et Rose select and test all the fabrics in accordance with the highest standards for machine washing and durability.

The design of the clothing for your toddler and baby.

The Emile et Rose baby wear is designed for baby girls and boys up to the age of twelve months. The baby clothing come in traditional styles and make great gifts. These apparels feature tiny pleating, pin tucks and assemblage which enhance their aesthetic appeal. Using the finest softest fabrics and paying very close attention to finishing details, these newborn baby clothes really stand out. The high-quality fabrics offered are machine washable and durable for extensive use. There are separate Summer and Winter collections offered by Emile et Rose for new born babies. A variety of material like silk and lace are used to provide a festive touch to the clothing. These items of baby clothing are made in various patterns and colours to offer a wide range of choice to the buyer. In the UK, Emile et Rose baby wear is much sought after. There is great demand for the winter collection as they keep the baby warm and comfortable. All the Emile et Rose baby wear range come in a lovely gift box together with a wooden hanger.

Established: Year 2002
Country of origin: England.
Owners / Founders:
Sold in countries: England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
Style: Classic English.
Range: Girls & boys 0-24 month:
Body, caps, cardigan, dungaree, shorts, tights, pants, trousers, romper, tops, T-shirt, dresses, underpants, knickers, headbands, comforters, ring rattles, hats, toys, teddy bears, bunny rabbits, gift boxes, coat hangers.




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